Critique by Dr. Roberta Zani

Frances' lush landscapes, with their rich and vibrant colours, are a tribute to the strength of wild nature. The taste for the exotic, or rather what is still intact, is released with every touch of de Courcy Mercer. The nature of her watercolours fascinates with its extraordinary beauty, but is also able to destroy with a fearsome fury everything it finds on its path. Such powerful nature makes us breathe the divine and cosmic perfection, but there is no anguish in her representations, only ecstatic contemplation and admiration for the poetic and sublime natural perfection.

The artist often migrates over the real and uses colour as an instrument to represent what she feels and thinks when she sees a particular landscape. These are pieces of everyday life swamped by emotions. However, it would be simplistic to think that its structural reduction of shapes and the use of colour are a mere reference to emotional expressionism, or conversely inspired by the impressionistic un-emotional study of the light effects at different times of the day. In reality her act is purely instinctive and originates from an aesthetic taste for beauty and harmony.

All of these aspects make Frances' watercolours unique. When standing in front of them, the main feeling is to want to escape from every moment of the hustle and bustle of everyday life and to let yourself lulled by the soothing harmony of nature, with the intent to reach the peace of sense.

Dr. Roberta Zani

Image: Mangrove Snappers by Frances Mercer